Friday, November 21, 2014

second life destroyed dresses

Destroyed clothes have always been one of the garments on which babele fashion tip.

They are sensual and excessive, almost pornographic, but, after all, on second life must be excessive. It's not the fashion that it imposes, but the environment, the psychological state in which you live the metaverse of Linden.

And then that's all that seems impossible in real life, this is not only possible but indeed desirable.

Then, if the piece of clothing to limit the obscene and indecent, is signed by Pinco Janus, and is as cute as this Destroyed Denim ancient map, then our thirst for fashion can be quenched.

The dress is on sale in the main shop of Babele Fashion on Second Life, here is the landmark:

Runn here and grab it .... 

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