Pinco Janus

Born on the 1st April 2007, Pinco Janus is the main fashion designer of Babele Fashion brand.
She is Italian and she loves to make conversation in Second Life. She can speak English.
Pinco likes to daze with refined dresses, characterized by an elan vital free from eccess. This verve embodies the avatars who dress Pinco`s creations.
2007 marks the beginning of Pinco Janus` brand in the virtual world. The collections which make her popular are the "obscene" collection and the "dressed countries" collection. In the first one (obscene collection) sculpture shoes, with a very high heel, are combined with sexy mini-dresses. In the second one (dressed countries) original mini-dresses reproduce the colours of some countries of the world.
All the presented dresses are tricked up with open-work laces or with original accessories like the national flag to carry as a daily object.

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