Saturday, November 22, 2014

Babele Fashion Autunno Minidress Dark

Babele's Autunno outfit is perfect for fall! The mesh top with long sleeves will keep you warm, and we add stockings and a pair of shoes to round out the ensemble!
* mesh top and heels
* system layer stockings

Retail price L$300, on sale 50% off (L$150) now until Tuesday, November 25 at our main store:

Babele Fashion Denim Ignoble Blue

With a pair of jeans this low -- and unbuttoned -- you're sure to catch everyone's eyes! Mesh heels and Lolas Tango appliers are included!
* system layer outfit
* Lolas Tango applier
* mesh heels

Retail price L$250, on sale 50% off (L$125) now until Tuesday, November 25 at our main store:

Man on the moon now whit slink appliers

Recently Babele Fashion's designer Pinco Janus visited the NASA archives and found some tattered remnants of newspapers from July 1969, celebrating the Apollo 11 mission. She tried to piece them together, but they were too badly disintegrated ... however, she was able to stitch together enough pieces to make this destroyed shirt and extreme capri pants set! You'll just to do your best to read the articles as they are. 

On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon. And this soft denim top and jeans look like they're from 1969, too! They're completely shredded but oh so comfy ... and they celebrate that momentous day with some of the great newspaper headlines. 

Trying to keep those old clothes from 1969, are you? Looks that way! This outfit features some mightily destroyed pants with bits and pieces of Apollo moon landing headlines!

Now the dress have appliers for slink physique body!

Runn here and grab it! Only 99 l$

Friday, November 21, 2014

second life destroyed dresses

Destroyed clothes have always been one of the garments on which babele fashion tip.

They are sensual and excessive, almost pornographic, but, after all, on second life must be excessive. It's not the fashion that it imposes, but the environment, the psychological state in which you live the metaverse of Linden.

And then that's all that seems impossible in real life, this is not only possible but indeed desirable.

Then, if the piece of clothing to limit the obscene and indecent, is signed by Pinco Janus, and is as cute as this Destroyed Denim ancient map, then our thirst for fashion can be quenched.

The dress is on sale in the main shop of Babele Fashion on Second Life, here is the landmark:

Runn here and grab it .... 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Babele Fashion Anna Minidress Blue

Babele's Anna dress is perfect for casual wear, with long sleeves and a hemline high enough to show the tops of the sheer stockings, which come complete with Slink foot appliers. We also include a pair of sexy Babele Parisienne mesh shoes, which are add-ons for Slink high feet!
* mesh outfit in 5 sizes
* system layer stockings with Slink foot applier
* add-on shoes for Slink feet

Retail price L$350, on sale 50% off (L$175) now until Saturday, November 22 at our main store:

[contest] Denim Ignoble Heavenly vs Ribelle minidress black

which one do you prefer?
Take part in the poll on google +
this is the linlk to the post on the profile of Pinco Janus where to vote. 

Today contest is Denim Ignoble Heavenly vs Ribelle minidress black

 Do not forget to insert Pinco in your circles!

Babele Fashion Denim Storm Green

If you love system-layer jeans and tops, this is the outfit for you! It's all denim, includes add-on shoes for Slink flat feet, and even includes Lolas Tango appliers.
* system layer outfit
* add-on shoes for Slink flat feet
* Lolas Tango appliers

Retail price L$250, on sale 50% off (L$125) now until Saturday, November 22 at our main store: