Monday, February 27, 2012

Lace Flowers Red

We love to design sexy lingerie for you! And this time we've combined a red lace top with a barely-there miniskirt, stocking and heels for an ultra-sexy look!

In the box: lingerie layers, Xcite! compatible miniskirt, stockings, red pumps

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Waiting for Ithaca Black

We've revisited one of our classic designs! The Waiting for Ithaca Black is a jaw-dropping miniskirted outfit with a sheer top -- and the skirt is not only Xcite! compatible, but also you can change its transparency!

In the box: top, shoulder pads, panties, Xcite! compatible miniskirt, stockings and pumps.

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Rapallo Black on Black

Flirty as can be, the Rapallo Black on Black wraps you tight around the waist, gives you an Xcite!-compatible skirt of black petals, and comes with a *complete lingerie layer*! So buying this gets you the equivalent of two outfits -- plus you'll look irresistibly cute!

In the box:
* rapallo dress (in jacket or shirt and pants layers)
* petal skirt red (Xcite! compatible, with resize script)
* lingerie layers (in shirt, pants, underwear and socks layers)
* matching sculpted pumps

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Crochet Sweater Gray

The cute Crochet Sweater Gray features a cuddly gray sweater top paired with fly-down ripped jeans and a pair of sculpted shoes. In the box:
* sweater (in shirt and jacket layers)
* ripped jeans
* underwear
* sculpted shoes with resize script

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Laced Black

We've used the finest quality Italian lace to create the new Spring Laced Black, a perfect lingerie outfit that's guaranteed to show off your curves. With its revealing lace transparent top, this outfit just exudes sexiness! In the box:
* lace top (in shirt and jacket layers)
* miniskirt (Xcite! compatible, with resize script)
* lace black stockings
* matching pumps

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Scandalous Pinco Full Black

There's no telling what might happen if someone pulls on the knotted bow dangling from your rear end! This tight fitting deep dark dress comes in two versions -- one a naked back version and the other with a tie around the back. In the box:
* scandalous dress in two versions (in jacket or shirt/pants layers)
* prim attachments
* matching pumps

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