Monday, November 24, 2014

About babele island in second life

Babele fashion island in second life is a fashion paradise.
the island is organized in 4 bulidings:
  • the main build: with news, lingerie and evening deresses ...
  • the mesh build: with all babele's mesh dresses
  • the classic build: with all classic dresses made by babele
  • the national flags build: with all our dresses made with national flags.
There are also  other buildings in wich you will find:
  • babele fashion freebbies (less then 10 L$)
  • babele fashion resellers program
  • PPRS (we pay for pic in your profile)
  • babele Art Gallery
  • babele fashion theatre

Here is the landmark:
i am waiting for you

take a look at the video about babele fashion island made by Ruvi Martinelli
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