Saturday, March 6, 2010

Full Leather Girl Red Xcite! compatible

Our Leather Girl series is famous throughout Second Life, and now we've boxed the whole Leather Girl Red set up together just for you! There's a ton of stuff in this box -- some of it brand new! -- multiple tops, multiple skirts, plus boots and more! In the box:
* miniskirt (in two versions, one Xcite! compatible, both with resize script)
* ultra miniskirt leather (Xcite! compatible, with resize script)
* overknee boots (in 6 separate pieces, each with resize script)
* leather jacket (in jacket and shirt layers)
* sleeveless top (in jacket and shirt layers)
* leather corset (in jacket and shirt layers)
* prim shirt collar (modifiable)
* panties (pants layer)
* sunglasses
* tattoo

Visit the flagship Babele Fashion shop on Babele Fashion Island: Fashion/41/20/33/
...or one of our many other stores around the grid.

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