Friday, March 19, 2010

Full Leather Girl Crocodile Xcite! compatible

Crocodiles lie in wait, almost motionless, and then move with astonishing power and speed to capture their prey. Are you that kind of girl? People will take you very seriously when you strut around in this crocodile skin outfit, a "fat pack" featuring lots of different pieces and combinations! In the box:
* 2 crocodile skin miniskirts (Xcite! and pg versions, both with resize script)
* ultra miniskirt (Xcite! compatible, with resize script)
* 3 different types of croc skin tops (all in shirt and jacket layers)
* prim collar for one of the tops
* panties
* tattoo
* tall over-the-knee boots (in 6 pieces, all with resize scripts)
* sunglasses

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