Sunday, January 24, 2010

Strip-tease Miro Xcite! compatible

If you want to blend art and sex, this is for you! -- the Strip-tease Miró Xcite! compatible! -- with 9 different jacket layers you can slowly use to peel back your top! And then you get down to the bra and panties, and then..... that tattoo on your ass does say "spank me"! All with artwork inspired by the great painter Joan Miró. In the box:
* mimosa strip tease top in 9 jacket layers
* scripted blue miniskirt
* shirt collar
* micro bra (in shirt and undershirt layers)
* thong (pants and underpants layer)
* tribal tattoos (underwear layers)
* matching sculpted pumps (with walk sound)
* matching Miró hat

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