Sunday, November 29, 2009

Uncinetto Violet Xcite! compatible

The art of crochet -- or uncinetto as we say in Italy -- is one that can produce the most elegant of designs, and here at the Babele shop our artisans have handmade this new Uncinetto Violet outfit, complete with three different skirts and a top! The soft wool can keep you warm and oh-so-cozy by the winter fire! In the box:
* 3 skirts -- all Xcite! compatible -- with three different designs!
* tattoos -- upper and lower body in underwear layers
* delicate and warm violet wool top
* dark underwear in pants layer
* matching pumps

Visit the flagship Babele Fashion shop on Babele Fashion Island: Fashion/41/20/33/
...or one of our many other stores around the grid.

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